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Bible and Beowulf Reading Journal

Beowulf call foring diary Entry 1 de course of actionates 703-1250 Kennings God-cursed Grendel (true kenning) Cloud-murk (half-kenning) Hell-serf (true-kenning) Wound-slurry (half-kenning) Wave-Vat (half-Kenning) Alliterations None heroic poem poetry telephone wire that stuck out breeze 927-930 first and foremost, all(a)ow the Lord churchman be thanked for this sight. enclosure 1057 past and bequest God ever more prevails. Entry 2 10/02/12 Nick Yasi nervous strains 1251-1887 Kennings kris 1259 Hell-Bride (true-kenning) Line 1274 Hell-Brute (true-kenning)Line 1276 Death-Den (half-kenning) Line 1312 First-Footing (true-kenning) Alliterations Line 1317 Floorboards banged Line1408 Prince Preceded large poetry line that stuck out Line 1272 He (Beowulf) relied for do on the maestro of all. Entry 3 10/02/12 Nick Yasi 1 thing that unfeignedly stuck out to me, which I find sincerely neat, is after Beowulf returns to Heorat and Hrothgar praises Beowulfs goodness, howevern ess, and loyalty, he begins to contrasts him with the villainy KingHeremod, and predicts a extensive future for him. He delivers a large speech or so how to be a good and refreshed ruler by choosing eternal quite a than earthborn rewards. And when I read this I couldnt garter thinking more or less Solomon and how he asked for recognition instead of earthly things. Also it seems, for me at least, that reading this bosh and hearing all the biblical references helps me ensure and want to read the bible a lot more than I do already. Cause in a nose out Beowulf isnt even close to world as epic as the bible.

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Business communication Outline Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business communication - Outline ExampleThey vary mainly in the decision making subprogram, that is, in the Centralized Structure, the topmost management controls totally the decision making and exercises strict control over the lower layers of the structure. In a Decentralized Structure however, everyone is involved in the decision making process A substantially designed Organization structure gives out the authority and responsibility to the respective individuals. If each person in the organization k nowadayss what his role is, a lot of chaos whoremaster be avoided in the organization. ( With the help of the organizational chart, individuals squirt understand their roles and how to relate to one a nonher in the organization. An organization chart gives the pattern of communication and coordination in the organization. This would also hinder the exchange of information and efficient problem solving. ( Hopgood Sports hold Problem s In bruise of good business insight of the management, there seem to be certain problems with the running of Hopgood Sports Limited, in terms of organization, or technically, the lack thereof. Some of the problems are 1. Staffing problems Hopgood Sports Limited seems to be understaffed, in spite of the fact that they can afford it quite easily. 2. Inaccessibility of decision maker The management, i.e. Mr. Hopgood, is not always easily accessible because he is always on the work from one entrepot to another. This causes a lot of decision making to be put on hold and also may cost various opportunities for Hopgood Sports Limited. 3. technological backwardness, with physical distances between the various stores acting as a major impediment for efficient management 4. The Organizational Structure of Hopgood Sports Limited also is not up to the mark. This has been discussed further below. Current Organization Structure of Hopgood Sports Limited From the above illustrated current or ganizational structure of Hopgood Sports Limited, we can see that there is no accord in the structure, that is, in the different branches of the store. The structure of each store is different from the other in terms of number of employees and accountability. This might be fine for now but will lead to a lot of chaos and confusion in the future, when Hopgood Sports Limited is on the pathway to further expansion. A lack of concurrence in the structure also will leave the employees confused when it comes to inter store communication as they may not know with whom they must come about what information. Also, it does not clearly explain the accountability of the employees. Recommendations for Hopgood sports limited Hopgood Sports is a good, stable business with few glitches that a well designed Organizational Structure can rectify. Here are some of the recommendations for Hopgood Sports Limited. 1. Mr. Hopgood seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. He is seriously overworked and the main reason for this is that Hopgood Sports Limited is not well staffed. He should hire more people for employment in his various stores. Since, he can afford to do that, after recruitment and apportionment, he can take a backseat and concentrate on supervising the running of the place instead of running all around the city that might make Hopgood Sports Limited more susceptible to expansion. 2. Mr. Hopgoods inaccessibility can easily be solved with the above point. If he were to be at a particular store as head office, he could be

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Change management case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Change management case study - Essay ExampleSemler has a unique strategy, that of em federal agencyment. The importance of ethical determine in relationship with workers is a critical part of this success story. He sincerely believed that each of his employees had the biggest stake in his business and they needed assurance of the refuge of their jobs. He used this leverage to ensure their loyalty. This move secured the future of both the employees as well as the company.Maslow (1954) argued that workers achieve their best only when they are recognised for their accomplishments by peers as well as their superiors. Pay does matter but self actualisation is the ultimate motivation. This was the value that Semmler understood well and made the tush of the change he brought about. He used empowerment as the tool for motivating the employees and made them share the responsibility of managing the company by delegating power to them.Empowerment is a tool that is to be employed with the con cept of participation with responsibility for consequences. It was introduced and implemented throughout the organisation in a phased manner. Hierarchy was humbled down as this is a great barrier towards emancipation and self actualisation. A change plan was crafted to bring every worker into the management entwine recognising his ability to contribute towards improvement in operations and the bottom line.It is essential to change according to the environment and evolve strategies to survive intense competition. Porter (1980) had suggested that combative advantage is what keeps a firm alive and later argued that when a firm becomes different by offering value, quality and some attributes through which it offers some uniqueness then it will become an above average performer in its industry (Porter 1985). But to arrive at this stage the firm must obligate difficult choices. Porter (1996) then redefined strategy to be a combination of differently performed

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Case analysis-Boeing Vs Airbus case, international business strategy Essay

Case analysis-Boeing Vs Airbus result, international business strategy - Essay ExampleIt was claimed by Airbus that, both the Boeing and the McDonnell Douglas have been benefited for years from the hidden U.S. government subsidies.This merger was a horizontal merger between the Boeing and the McDonnell Douglas. By the term horizontal merger it can be understood that the merger is occurring between the companies that produces similar goods and services. This kind of merger basically takes place when larger companies attempt to create more efficient economies of scale (Investopedia, 2010).It is evident from the case drive that the performance of the McDonnell Douglas had been very poor which would have forced it to exit from the commercial aircraft business. According to the analyst the merger with the Boeing merely accelerated the process. Because the merger would reduce the cast of players in the commercial aerospace industry from three to two, it was expected that the antitrust authorities would review the merger.Both the Airbus and the Boeing have trustworthy under the terms of spliff agreement, various government aids in order to develop the large aircraft like Airbus A380 and Boeing 787. The US had made a complaint against the loans that was granted to Airbus since Boeing had not received any such kinds of aids. According to the experts of the aviation industry, by this kind of complaint the US were actually trying to prevent the EU from granting any further ground aids to the Airbus for the development of the A350. This would also help the US manufacturer Boeing to strengthen their position in the United States.In response to the complaint made by the United States aircraft makers like the Boeing against the Airbus, the EU also filed a case against the US for unlawful subsidization of the Boeing. Therefore, this seems to be the major problem as analyzed from the case study which needs proper attention (Haak & Bruggemann, 2010).Another key

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Critical Evaluation of a Journal Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Critical Evaluation of a Journal Article - Essay Examplee.g., young children at home and many housework hours) and spousal support would demonstrate a stronger correlation with the F 3 W encroach for individuals in the family profile than for individuals in the work profile.For the first hypothesis, the authors have anticipated that four different groups would appear based on high versus low importance attributions to work and family roles. For the second hypothesis, participants belong to the dual profile were expected to exhibit a high level of W 3 F conflict and F 3 W conflict because of their desire to invest time and energy in both roles.With regard to the third hypothesis on family-related straining and support variables, the interrogationers said research has tie in high levels of F 3 W conflict to the presence of small children in the home (Lewis & Cooper, 1988) and to many hours invested in housework (Voydanoff, 1988). However, spousal support was frame to moderate the F 3 W conflict (Matsui, Ohsawa, & Onglatco, 1995). Finally, no explanation was mentioned about why the fourth hypothesis was derived. The paper says in the end that the findings for the most part supported the main hypotheses of the research.According to Creswell (2003), the research question is the statement being examined in the study in its most general form. The way the paper was organized, it was leaden to locate the research question or questions. Yet, when a question was found, the paper was not committal. It starts with the words, However, these studies investigating. analysis. Thus, the following question remains unanswered Are work-related stress and support variables similarly related to the W3F conflict among persons belonging to the work profile and individuals belonging to the family profile? There remains evidence.If this is the research question, it is not schoolwide enough to cover all that the research had studied. In other words, the paper can still be said to have presented no adequate research question. At best, any

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How to maxamize revenue at small business marina on a lake Research Paper

How to maxamize revenue at small subscriber line marina on a lake - Research Paper ExampleThis is because well established large scurf businesses roll in the hay economies of scale when they offer large scale products. Furthermore, well established business can afford to hire qualified workforce and provide employee training that result to efficiency of operations. Small lake marinas face stiff competitions for customers from the public operated marinas and tough lake marinas. The big lake marinas and public run marinas have stable sources of cash in hand to finance their activities. In addition, due to large scale of operation the rival marina owners are able to enjoy low cost recreational operate hence enabling them to charge their clients competitive fees. Also, the public marinas and big lake marinas are able to provide better services to their clients due to their ability to hire qualified workers (Cooper, & Burke, 2011). There are other cheaper alternative recreational fa cilities that limit the performance of marinas hence marina operators should utilize efficient engineering to provide a wide range of recreation facilities and increase business profitability.The growth of small business revenue depends on the managers ability to use the finances appropriately throughout the financial year. Many businesses face characteristic fluctuations in the flow of finances since in some periods the income is lower than the cost with some seasons of Brobdingnagian sales hence greater incomes (Kariv, 2013). Therefore, since the fixed cost of running the business remains constant throughout the year, the business managers should be able to distribute their incomes throughout the financial year. However, small scale businesses are rarely able to distribute their finances throughout the year because of lack of financial reserves (Prosek, 2011). For this reason, small scale business relies heavily on borrowings from banks and other financial institutions that charg e interest on the loans hence reducing the business

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The lessons for auditors and regulators from Enron fraud Essay

The lessons for canvassors and regulators from Enron fraud - Essay ExampleThis paper concerns the auditing as an investigative process performed to verify the reliability and accuracy of a follows state of affairs for the last fiscal period. A comprehensive and authentic audit report adds to per centumholder values and assists the confederations stakeholders to see how the management has responded to their financial interests. In addition, business decisions of third party stakeholders such as banks, other lending institutions, and investors are centred on the companys annual audit report. It seems that even a well structured audit programme may fail to provide desired outcomes unless the whole audit team pays special attention to each and every phase of the audit process. The past decade witnessed a series of incarnate scandals including Lernout & Hauspie, Arthur Anderson, Enron, WorldCom, Parmalat, Peregrine Systems, Rite Aid, and concomitant investigations h ave proven that majority of those disasters were attributable to accounting fraud. However, these incidents greatly increased the significance of audit work and firms nowadays allot more money for growing internal control systems. Many of the economists argue that weaker corporate governance structure excessively greatly contributed to those corporate failures. As a result, organisations are vehemently seek to improve their corporate governance framework. Evidently, audit firms have made strategic amendments to their processes and procedures to detect frauds and errors in the account books of the client on time. This paper will analyse the lessons that auditors and regulators must learn from Enron Fraud. Enron Scandal Overview In 1985, The Huston Natural Gas integrated its natural gas pipeline companies with those of Inter northeast under the supervision of Kenneth Lay to form Enron. The Enron became the North Americas largest natural gas dealer by 1992 and the companys gas cont racts trading operations significantly contributed to its market dominance. The firms stock rose by 311% during the period 1990-1998 and its market capitalisation went over $60 billion by the end of the year 2000. This unimaginable growth aided the company to be rated as the most innovative huge company in Fortunes Most Admired Companies survey. Unlike other corporate giants, the Enron had not published its balance sheet along with statement of earnings and this practice persuaded financial analysts to explore the companys sources of income. Despite the explanations given by the company officials, Enron stocks started to fall in 2001 mainly due to its indecipherable nature of business and vague accounting practices. Following the stock level declines, the company set about a series of challenges including restructuring losses, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation, liquidity issues, and credit rating downgrade. The Enron scandal was revealed in October 2001 and it gradually led to bankruptcy. Reports indicated that Enron scandal was the biggest audit failure at that time. Jeffrey Skilling, the former President, CEO, and COO of the Enron Corporation, misled the companys stakeholders through special purpose entities, accounting loopholes, and unsupported financial reporting practices and therefore they (stakeholders) were unable to cite debts resulted from failed deals and projects. These deceitful practices assisted the company to exaggerate its profit figures and thereby unfairly retain the trust of its shareholders. Andrew Fastow, the Chief Financial Officer, and other executives misled the Enrons board of directors and also forced Andersen to neglect the issues. As per reports, the Enron shareholders lost nearly $11 billion when the companys stock price fell from US$90 per share in mid-2000 to less than $1 in late-2001 (World News Inc, 2012). Following this issue, the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission commenced an investigatio n to bring out the actual reasons behind this